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Edit of the edit: Ok… seems it appears I can’t make the image not to look like crap, here it is again in all its separated glory:

I love the Legend of Zelda series, that’s no secret, and I love redesigning and tooning up stuff, so the natural course of events was Zelda fanart.

This are from the original game, mostly based on the sprites and a little of reimagining in the most… not so original ones, like dodongo who is basically a protoceratops, or what-the-heck looking like manhandla (one of ther reasons why I loved that boss). Ganon is a little more mixed with the newer imaging of the character (well, not so new, since I had A link to the past in mind). I have some common enemies as well, but I think I’ll upload ‘em either when the “bestiary” is complete, or the one I have and updating as I finish them. If you had suggestions of which one you wanna see next, I’m all ears… or eyes… or whatever.

Well, well, well… some of this are OLD, like the first thing I did with vectors. Other are not so old but here they are.

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    Oh, shiny! These are the absolute best redesigns I’ve seen so far. Especially that Manhandla. Yes perfect.
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