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Well, well, well… this guy.

There are many, many talented artist on tumblr and I love so many of them and this is a character of one of them. Ree, also known as risto-licious  and before as souleater-risto is an amazing artist, her work is full of charm but what I specially love are her characters, she have creater a group of characters and fictional universe very attractive and compeling, even when I actually don’t know a lot about them, their design and illustration are enough to make you want to know more.

This guy is like her main character/mascot/I don’t know. He is 50+ years old soul eating low rank demon and mafia boss wih a peculiar taste for ties (and a huge collection of them). I say soul eating, but he eats his victims whole, body and soul.

Not anyone can create an old, fat and villanous character and make him so attractive, but Ree could. Now lets just wait she impress us all with some stpries about her amazing world. Even her sketches are so full of expression and are very illustrative, you feel they belong to a full story or are telling you one.

I put the link above, but HERE IS REE’S TUMBLR in case you missed it. Sometimes is NSFW so a little heads up if you don’t have tumblr savior or similars, but believe me, you want to check her work.